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Your support is very important to us. Every donation counts.

GOLD Sponsor for $5000.00

Name listed in bold as a GOLD sponsor in bigger letters on the wayside panels on North Common overlooking the mural.

Silver Sponsor for $2500.00

Name listed as Silver sponsor on the wayside panels on North Common overlooking the mural.

Donation Opportunities

The Mansfield Mural Project.

Mansfield Community Mural

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Mansfield Community Mural

Mansfield Town Hall

6 Park Row, Mansfield MA 02048

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Join Our Business and Community Supporters

Mural mugs still available.

Now available at:

Mansfield True Value

284 N. Main St

Bead Cache

457 N. Main Street


Crocker Street

Glee Gifts

Mansfield Crossing

at $10.00

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Mural Fundraising Continues

The Mansfield Community Mural is in the final stages of production!  We're all excited to see this dream come true. The feedback we've received on the mural design has been overwhelmingly positive.  

The sheer size and unanticipated complexity of this project has been greater than anyone anticipated, especially the committee and the artist. The results continue to far exceed our expectations.  As a result, we need to raise an additional $10,000 to properly compensate the artist for his time and the outstanding creative skills that he has brought to the mural. The far reaching support for the mural tells us that this can become a community treasure that will give back to the town, businesses, schools and residents for years to come. With the completion of the mural the Wayside Education Panels for the North Common and a brochure explaining the mural's images will be finished.

The mural committee is grateful for all the support and donations it has received from our residents, businesses and through grants.

Donations for the mural can be sent to Mansfield Mural Project, Mansfield Town Hall, 6 Park Row, Mansfield MA 02028 or at our website Questions? Ask at

Put your name on the Wayside Panels

​Carole & Karl Clemmey

 GOLD Sponsor

Mansfield Bank 

GOLD Sponsor
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